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What is Electricity

What the EPA Says EPA’s new final rule on Carbon Pollution Emission Guidelines for Existing Stationary Sources: Electric Utility Generating Units  “Energy is transmitted, not electrons. Energy transmission is accomplished through the propagation of an electromagnetic wave. The electrons merely oscillate in place, but the energy – the electromagnetic wave – moves at the speed of[…]Read more

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Revolving Loan Funds Help Drive Energy Conservation Programs

A Proposal for Energy-Conservation Loans The following is a proposal for a revolving loan fund that a State, municipality, or utility organization could administer. This proposal resulted from a long conversation between John Krigger and Gary Klien, who at the time worked for the California Energy Commission.

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Saturn’s Homeowners Handbook to Energy Efficiency: Published in Arabic

Congratulations Dr. Al-Widyan! Congratulations to Professor Mohamad Ismail Al-Widyan, on his Arabic translation of Saturn’s publication: The Homeowner’s Handbook to Energy Efficiency. Mohamad is a professor of mechanical engineering at King Faisal University in Al-Ahsa Saudi Arabia. The Arabic publisher is KACST.

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Heat Pumps, Electric Load, Economics, and Our Energy Future

Why heat pumps aren’t the answer to space heat yet I talk to people who are convinced that the future of heating and cooling is heat pumps. If you have a passive house and you heat and cool with an on-site PV-powered heat pump, you are living this ideal future. However if you increase the electric load[…]Read more

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Excess Combustion Air Wastes Energy

Energy specialists have been using electronic combustion analyzers for decades. These analyzers measure the percent of oxygen in combustion gases. Oxygen is one of the reagents in the combustion process. If you find oxygen in the combustion gases that almost always means that the combustion process has excess combustion air. If there is 6% oxygen[…]Read more

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Looking for a career in Energy?

As energy costs rise, and there are increasing reports of climate change, the world is becoming more aware of the need to conserve energy and lower the carbon footprint. With both residential homes and businesses requiring the help of professionals to reduce energy consumption and save money, the demand for certified energy auditors is growing[…]Read more

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Green Mobile Homes – A legitimate investment akin to a savings account

News promoting investment in a mobile home as a legitimate energy and money saving strategy is the focus of my blog post today.  With no further ado, I recommend reading these great articles on the topic.   Study: Energy-Efficient Manufactured Homes Generate Economic Stability According to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), green[…]Read more

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Biomass Energy Choices

I’m annoyed when renewable energy trumps energy conservation in the media, and nowhere is this tendency more prevalent than with liquid bio-fuels. Biomass Energy Efficiency To make a gallon of ethanol, start with 23 pounds of corn with a potential energy of about 185,000 BTUs. Add 40,000 to 80,000 BTUs of fossil energy per gallon[…]Read more

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Energy Futures: Cogeneration, Electric Vehicles, Efficient Buildings

Energy for the Future We just need the courage to invest our remaining wealth in the right energy technologies. The stakes are high because if we delay too long or invest badly, we’ll forfeit our prosperous lifestyle. Our first task is to reduce our energy consumption by 40 to 50 percent. There is certainly enough energy[…]Read more