About Us

Qualifications for Saturn Resource Management

Saturn has been creating publications and developing curriculum for nearly three decades. We’re currently marketing two main types of products and services.

1. Customized publications, especially field guides to best practices and consumer guides. 

  • Field guides that focus on a variety of topics such as insulation, air leakage, worker safety, HVAC, building operator, energy manager, and more.
  • Consumer guides that educate consumers about energy efficiency or health and safety in the home.
  • Home builder guides and energy retrofit guides.

Learn about our new HTML Web-help versions of field guides.

2. Online education from turn-key online schools to the separate components of online schools including these.

  • We install the learning management system (LMS), Moodle, and manage it for clients or teach clients to manage it themselves.
  • We create online courses on energy efficiency and other topics.
  • The online lessons communicate student performance to the LMS.
  • We provide online knowledge tests and job-test protocols that evaluate students.
  • The LMS records the test results in the student’s online record.

3. Knowledge Management for Organizations including documents and eLearning.

Our publications and online courses have educated thousands of Energy Auditors, HVAC technicians, and building-performance professionals. We also sell our training curriculum to training centers and community colleges.

Also, check out our consulting services.

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