Creating Publications and Developing Curriculum for Nearly Four Decades

Saturn Resource Management, is a small, nimble, and efficient company providing e-learning and publications. Our low overhead and a simple business model allow us to serve our customers with speed and economy. 

Our Vision…

We will promote excellence in the user with state-of-the-art publications and online training on the topics of energy efficiency, health-and-safety, durability, and comfort.

Our Mission…

To provide user-friendly resources and clear technical communication, using the highest quality practices and standards.

We create exemplary publications and curricula using tried-and-true Adobe software. Every publication and lesson we’ve produced in the last 40 years is still alive and editable. Our staff brings decades of technical-communication experience to every project.


John Krigger…

 John has researched, developed, and promoted energy efficient practices for retrofiting site-built homes, mobile homes, and multifamily buildings for the past 40 years. He is the author of Residential Energy, a training manual for improving the energy efficiency of buildings.  John’s publications and curricula have become the gold standard for training and technical assistance on the topic of energy efficiency for buildings throughout North America.

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What We Do

1. Create customized publications, especially field guides and training manuals. 

  • Field guides that focus on a variety of topics such as insulation, air leakage, worker safety, HVAC, building operator, energy manager, and more.
  • Consumer guides that educate consumers about energy efficiency or health and safety in the home.
  • Home builder guides and energy retrofit guides.

Learn about our new HTML Web-help versions of field guides.

2. Develop and deliver educational resources using publications and online-training curricula.

  • We create online courses on energy efficiency and other topics.
  • The online lessons communicate student performance to the LMS (learning management system) which stores student records.
  • We provide online knowledge tests and job-test protocols that evaluate students.
  • The LMS records the test results in the student’s online record.
  • We issue certificates, badges and CEUs to successful students.

3. Knowledge Management for Organizations including documents and eLearning.

Our publications and online courses have educated thousands of Energy Auditors, weatherization installers, HVAC technicians, and other building-performance professionals. 

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