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Residential Energy

Residential Energy is widely recognized as one of the best textbooks available on home energy conservation. It’s used by hundreds of colleges and technical schools across North America. Residential Energy is an essential reference manual for home energy raters, energy auditors, weatherization technicians, carpenters, heating and air-conditioning specialists, insulation contractors, plumbers, electricians, and home-improvement enthusiasts.



Your Mobile Home


Homeowners Handbook to Energy Efficiency

Home Cooling Energy Guide


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HVAC Systems Field Guide

IAQ Rating System

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is of great value to homeowners, builders, energy auditors, and codes-and-standard bodies. Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory (LBL) is developing new IAQ metrics that will provide an easy-to-understand IAQ score. Audiences for IAQ Metrics IAQ...

Economizers and Free Cooling

An economizer is a part of a building's cooling system that uses cool outdoor air to cool the building instead of operating the air conditioning compressor.   An economizer is an optional feature to an HVAC air handler that draws in outdoor air and mixes it with...

Homes Need Ventilation

Most modern homes need mechanical ventilation systems to provide satisfactory indoor air quality. Many poorly ventilated homes have mold and mildew growing in wall cavities, high levels of airborne chemicals, combustion byproducts, or high utility bills. It's...

Tune-ups Reduce AC Costs, Increase Comfort

Click the image to see the laminated double-sided chart. Urgent comfort problems drive AC service calls. HVAC technicians should upsell service calls to include a thorough energy-efficiency tune-up. Customers appreciate the extra benefits of electricity-cost savings...

Air Leakage in Multifamilys

Multifamily buildings usually have relatively tighter enclosures than single-family homes. They also have less exterior surface area per unit of floor area. Furthermore, the multifamily-building exterior is often quite weather-tight to resist rain and wind....

What is Draft

What is draft? Draft is important to combustion efficiency and safe combustion. If draft isn't adequate, chimneys can backdraft or spill.  We measure draft between between two places in a combustion heating system. For example, we measure draft between the a...

LBNL “Smart Ventilation” Research

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL) scientists, led by Max Sherman and Iain Walker, are investigating whole-house ventilation options to support California's Zero Net Energy Homes initiative. This research project is called Smart Ventilation for Advanced California...

Sliding Glass Doors: Comfort and Energy

Sliding glass door heat flow A sliding glass door’s large expanse of glass transmits a lot heat out of the home in the winter and into the home in summer. This heat flow takes three forms: heat conducts directly through the glass in winter, solar heat transmits...

Attic Vents and Venting – Part 2: Beyond the Simple Vented Attic

Attic vents and attic venting are the most familiar and reliable roof venting option. That was the subject of part 1 of this post. But they may not work depending on the building's design. Features like sloping ceilings and cathedrals may dictate an unvented attic. An...

Attic Vents and Venting – Part 1

Attic vents and roof venting serve a variety of purposes, depending on roof design and climate. These purposes include preventing ice damming, drying building materials, and controlling solar heat gain. In cold climates, we want to avoid ice damming by keeping the...