Continuing education is an integral aspect of BPI’s certifications. Continuing education permits BPI certified professionals to keep up with a quickly changing industry and bypass certain aspects of the recertification process. Continuing education improves a certified professional’s knowledge and ability to properly diagnose a home and recommend improvements.
BPI certifications are valid for three years. Recertificaiton requires that one of the following three options have been met within that three year period.

Option 1: Submit 30 CEUs; then pass a field examination for each designation.
Option 2: Submit 10-29 CEUs; then pass a 50-question written examination and field examination for each designation.
Option 3: Submit less than 10 CEUs; then pass a 100-question written examination and a field examination for each designation.

Do you need any continuing education (CEU) credits for recertification? If you have less than 30 CEU’s we can also remotely proctor your BPI written exam. Use the links below to choose what you need.
If you have any questions please call us at 800-735-0577.

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