ASHRAE Ventilation Standards

For years the weatherization industry calculated whole-house ventilation by ASHRAE standard 62-1989. This standard was mercifully simple compared to the new ASHRAE standard 62.2-2010. The BPI building analyst training still trains to the old 62-1989 standard. That standard says very little: Provide 0.35 natural air changes per hour but not less than 15 cfm per person. Kitchens need …

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Multifamily Energy Efficiency

Saving energy in multifamily buildings is similar to saving energy in homes. The choices become different for multifamily housing as the building increases in size. The fact that one building is home to many people also becomes a factor in selecting energy conservation measures. For example, insulating walls is more difficult in multifamily buildings because you need access to every …

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Quartz Heaters and Other Electric Space Heaters

Many recent advertisements tout specific electric space heaters as being superior to others. This article explains the operation of the two general types of electric space heaters and discusses advantages and disadvantages of different designs. Electric resistance space heaters are a good energy efficiency strategy if they allow homeowners to heat their homes to a …

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“The Homeowners Handbook to Energy Efficiency” – A word with authors John Krigger & Chris Dorsi

The Homeowners Handbook to Energy Efficiency John Krigger is a passionate and respected authority on energy-efficient construction. He is the author of several publications on the topic. He recently spent three years in Europe studying super-efficient construction and is working with homeowners across North America to establish sure-fire ways of implementing this zero-energy construction approach.

Solar Energy News

Solar Energy News Department of Energy to Invest $60 Million in Solar Power Technologies The Department of Energy yesterday announced that there will be a $60 million investment over 3 years for applied scientific research to advance cutting-edge Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) technologies Read the whole blog post here –

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