A company called Energetechs in Missoula Montana sells energy expertise with energy products. This must be a good strategy because they’ve been in business for over 25 years. The company was formed by Gary and Gregg Mazade and was sold to Russ Hellem some years ago. Energetechs sells products and information for building airtight energy-efficient buildings. They show builders how to make a building airtight with sealants and gaskets and then they sell and install heat-recovery ventilators to ventilate the home efficiently. Energetechs sells superwindows, sealants, ventilators, advice, installation, quality control and training.

Energetechs also does training and quality assurance for its contractors with blower door testing, infrared scanning, and visual inspections. Energetechs also offers energy audits to the general public.
I believe that Energetechs has a good business model and they’re interested in training businesses that want to emulate them. Find them at Energetechs on the internet.