Blower Door Testing (Test)
(2.0 CEUs) Test content: blower door preparation, set-up, choice of manometer settings, test results, typical problems, air-leakage standards, and knowledge of typical readings of different buildings.
Building Evaluation Skills (Test)
(1.5 CEUs) This test combines energy arithmetic, quantitative reasoning skills, building characteristics, and knowledge of the way we evaluate buildings. The math isn’t difficult, but you need to understand the most important energy equations and be able to use a calculator.
Building Science (Test)
(1.5 CEUs) Building science includes the fundamentals of building physics, energy efficiency, building construction, and building energy retrofit.  Everyone who works in the building trades should understand building science. Building science is one of the main topics of energy auditing and inspecting.
Energy Auditor (Test)
(3.0 CEUs) This test draws from the same question pool as the final exam in our Energy Auditor Course. This test includes building science, building evaluation skills, heating and cooling, baseload energy, ventilation systems, and moisture management.
Heating and Cooling Equipment Fundamentals (Test)
Tests knowledge of gas heating, air conditioners, heat pumps, the refrigeration cycle, combustion venting, and equipment identification.
Insulation Methods and Materials (Test)
(1.5 CEUs) Test content: fibrous insulation, foamboard insulation, spray foam insulation, installation methods, equipment, tools, and PPE.
Mobile-Home Weatherization (Test)
(1.5 CEUs) Test content: mobile-home construction, testing, diagnosis, air sealing, duct sealing, along with roof, wall, and floor insulation.
Quality Control Inspector (Test)
(3.0 CEUs) This test focuses on the knowledge and experience of an energy auditor who’s been on the job more than five years. Many of the questions on this test require on-the-job experience to answer correctly. Tests you on the knowledge, training, and experience of an energy auditor.