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(0.5 CEU; 30 minutes) The noninvasive superheat test lets you estimate the superheat of an air conditioner or a heat pump operating in the summer. Noninvasive means that we don’t have to connect of refrigeration manifold and performing this test doesn’t require a refrigeration license. If there is superheat as measured between the estimated evaporator saturation temperature and the vapor line coming out of the evaporator, then we assume that only vapor is going to the compressor. We don’t want any liquid droplets entering the compressor because that could damage the compressor. The health of the compressor is why we measure superheat. Superheat tells us whether there is too much or too little refrigerant in the system. If the superheat is too low or if there is no superheat all, that means there is too much refrigerant. If the superheat is too high, there is too little refrigerant.
Use the one page illustration under the materials tab as your guide to taking the exam.