Professional Sprayed and Injected Foam (Micro Course)

(0.8 CEU; 50 minutes) Professional installers spray foam on surfaces and inject foam into cavities. Sprayed and injected foam are excellent choices for some applications. This micro course shows you a few examples. Spray foam is by far the most common of the two...

Installing Liquid Foam (Micro Course)

(0.3 CEU; 15 minutes) A factory-trained expert shows you how to install one-part and two-part foam as insulation and air sealing on new or existing buildings. Don’t forget your reading assignments that you’ll find under the Materials tab.
Foam-Board Insulation (Mini Course)

Foam-Board Insulation (Mini Course)

(1.5 CEUs) Foam-board insulation comes in different products that have different R-values and other varying characteristics. This course explains how to identify foam board insulation and how to use it. You’ll learn the following. How to select and install the common...

Wall Insulation Methods and Materials (Short Course)

(5 CEUs) In most retrofit jobs, wall insulation presents the challenge of insulating cavities that you can’t look into. This course discusses the materials and methods of installing wall insulation with complete coverage and consistent density.