Professional Sprayed and Injected Foam (Micro Course)

(0.8 CEU; 50 minutes) Professional installers spray foam on surfaces and inject foam into cavities. Sprayed and injected foam are excellent choices for some applications. This micro course shows you a few examples. Spray foam is by far the most common of the two...

Installing Liquid Foam (Micro Course)

(0.3 CEU; 15 minutes) A factory-trained expert shows you how to install one-part and two-part foam as insulation and air sealing on new or existing buildings. Don’t forget your reading assignments that you’ll find under the Materials tab.
Foam-Board Insulation (Mini Course)

Foam-Board Insulation (Mini Course)

(1.5 CEUs) Foam-board insulation comes in different products that have different R-values and other varying characteristics. This course explains how to identify foam board insulation and how to use it. You’ll learn the following. How to select and install the common...