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(0.8 CEU; 50 minutes) Professional installers spray foam on surfaces and inject foam into cavities. Sprayed and injected foam are excellent choices for some applications. This micro course shows you a few examples. Spray foam is by far the most common of the two installations. And you can observe the coverage of spray foam. Injected foam is more of an unknown because installers inject it into closed cavities. Injected foam’s success depends on experience and knowledge of the installers. Both types of liquid foam require a precise mixture and a narrow range of installation temperature. Shrinkage, voids, and cracking can be a problem. However, in general foam is a popular option with consumers and installers alike. Although sprayed and injected foam in this course is low-density polyurethane foam, except for the final video, which features high-pressure high-density polyurethane foam.

Be sure to study the reading assignment under the Materials tab before you attempt the exam. The exam is based on the reading assignment.