Congratulations Baby Boomer Corporation!

Saturn Resource Management wishes to recognize the contributions of The Baby Boomer Corporation of Helena Montana for their groundbreaking environmental products that provide the following breathtaking benefits.

A Baby Boomer

  1. Mitigates health care costs
  2. Solves the aging problem
  3. Reverses population growth
  4. Repurposes under-utilized biomass
  5. Generates organic fertilizer

Please take a minute to listen to this hyperlinked informational audio file: Boomer_Brand_Products.
Thanks and have a happy April Fools!

Audio Transcript

I’ve been a tree hugger for nie on 60 years – and God knows I’ve done my bit for recycling too. Today though, I’m mostly just achy, forgetful and incontinent. That’s why I’m investing in a Boomer Brand Expirement Package.
Yes, for half the price of a funeral you can avoid the wasting of old age while contributing to the environment, the economy and to future generations.
The Boomer Expirement Package includes a Boomer (brand) Portable Family Compostorium. Make your grand exit today with our patented Mercicap expirement-acceleration capsule, now with Goodbyeanide. Cap it all off with a glass of Merlot and your favorite 8 track tape while you perish in peace.
Order now and we’ll include free a Boomer Brand Biodegradable Body Bag. Select from Earth Green, Tie Die, Harley Davidson, or Grateful Dead.
The Boomer Brand Expirement Package. Because the world needs less people and more fertilizer.
But wait, there’s more. Eternity lasts forever, so choosing the wrong faith could ruin your afterlife. But with so many doctrines to choose from, how do you choose correctly in order to enjoy your expirement in comfort and security?
Eliminate the risk of error by selecting Boomer Brand Afterlife Insurance. Yes, for merely half of your estate, we’ll guarantee you the afterlife of your choice – or your money back.
Select from our diverse menu of Judeo-Christian hereafters; Buddhist, Hindu or Pagan Reincarnations; or Atheistic Oblivions.
Survive your death in confidence knowing that our trained priests, rabbis, shamen, and compost gardeners have negotiated your passage with the supernatural authorities of your chosen doctrine.
Boomer (brand) After-life Insurance. Eternity lasts forever so be sure to get it right.

The Expirement-Party Song (Apologies to This Ole House by Stuart Hamblen)

Verse #1

My ol’ bod once knew perfection
My ol’ soul had little fear
My ol’ memory remembered
My digestion processed beer
My ol’ voice once rang with laughter
My ol’ mind performed with ease
Now my search for truth means searching for
My glasses and my keys



Ain’t a-gonna need myself no longer
Ain’t a-gonna need myself no more
Ain’t got time to cure my shingles
Ain’t got time to be a bore
Ain’t got time to cleanse my liver
Nor to medicate my brains
Ain’t a-gonna need myself no longer
I’m a-gettin’ ready to meet the saints

Verse #2

My ol’ mind is gettin’ flaky
My ol’ body’s gettin’ old
I imaginate delusions
My ol’ guts grow toxic mold
My ol’ knees are weak and shaky
But I work through all this pain
‘Cause I hear my guru chanting
In my drug-addicted brain


Verse #3

My ol’ ears are afraid of noises
My ol’ mind lives the past
My ol’ body groans and trembles
When I go to wipe my ass
My ol’ willy’s gettin’ feeble
My sore butt exudes complaints
I am pissing 6 times nightly
I’m a-gettin’ ready to meet the saints


 April Fools!

Writing: John Krigger and Bill Rule for Saturday Night Live in Helena, a biennial comedy show to roast Montana’s legislature.