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Saturn Resource Management has long been promoting the idea of solar power for your home.  If you live in a sunny location, then solar power is one of the best methods to reduce your dependency on fossil fuels.
Mother Earth News is talking about how solar power is becoming more affordable and therefore becoming a viable option for many homeowners.

How to Acquire Solar Power

In our guide –Photovoltaic Systems Field Guide– we talk all about what is needed to get solar power for your home.  We discuss the types and benefits of solar power, the types of solar cells, and a lot of the equipment that is necessary for solar power systems, and how to evaluate if your place is suitable for solar power. We go through all of the steps you need to know to set you on your way to independent, renewable, solar power!

Can you Afford Solar Power?

solar power arrayThat’s what Mother Earth News is explaining with their recent newsletter article:  solar power is becoming much more affordable.  Not only do a lot of states provide incentives that can reduce the initial cost of installing a solar power system, but the actual cost of the systems are reducing, making them a much better option for homeowners!
Explained in their article, they show that a system that is capable of producing 5,000 watts that normally runs about $27,000 would get a federal rebate (until the year 2016) of 30%.  That drops the price to around $19,000.  If you happen to live in a state with incentives for people to go with solar power, a system could go for even less!  States such as Missouri and Colorado offer rebates of $2 per watt of the system, so that same 5000-watt system would now only run about $9,000.  That’s a savings of 18,000 dollars off the cost of the system!
Businesses can also take advantage of the savings and reduce the amount they pay in energy bills over the course of a year.
You can read all about this article at: Mother Earth News – More Affordable Solar Power
Photovoltaic Systems Field Guide