Regardless of current politics and energy prices, our buildings desperately need weatherization. But buildings are owned by our customers who must agree to pay for our services. I’ll hazard to state the obvious, but selling is a skill. You can succede at selling weatherization services if you know how to do it. So what do you do? Where do you start? If you want to start your own weatherization business, talk to everyone you know about it. You’ll get endless advice—good and bad. All your friends and relatives should know that you want their business. Remember to charge everyone the same rates. Making deals for one and not the others lowers the value of your services.

To succeed in a new business, you must work hard to promote yourself. Don’t be bashful about this. If you don’t feel comfortable tooting your own horn, get over it or else work with someone who can. People need to know what they will get from you and your company. Ask people what they pay for electricity and fuel. It’s a good ice breaker. Give them your card and offer them a free energy audit. Provide them with education materials like the Homeowner’s Guide to Building Performance or the Homeowners Handbook to Energy Efficiency. Wealthy people living in big old houses are good potential customers. Local businesses and government agencies who pay high energy bills are interested in your services if you can explain the value you’re offering them.
Exhibit at home shows and talk to everyone who comes within 10 feet of you. Have people sign up for a raffle and make them write down their phone number and monthly energy cost. Then call all the leads and offer your services. Leads that convert to opportunities and sales are essential for any business so never pass up an opportunity to talk to a potential customer.
Develop a set of one-minute talking points about the value of weatherization. Ask the customer about their home and their energy costs. Ask them how their home needs to improve. Ask them if they would be willing to spend $5000 or more to make energy and comfort improvements. Customers don’t usually mind a direct approach. Directness conserves your time and energy. Honest questions and answers help you  filter out people who aren’t really interested in your services.
You can succede in this business. If you believe in yourself, your company, your products, and your services success will follow.