The Homeowners Handbook to Energy Efficiency

John Krigger is a passionate and respected authority on energy-efficient construction. He is the author of several publications on the topic. He recently spent three years in Europe studying super-efficient construction and is working with homeowners across North America to establish sure-fire ways of implementing this zero-energy construction approach.
Chris Dorsi has spent thirty years, as both a home builder and real estate developer, crafting the next generation of energy-efficient homes. He is a widely acclaimed author and motivational speaker who helps homeowners and trade professionals alike improve the efficiency, comfort, and value of both new and existing buildings.
The Homeowners Handbook to Energy Efficiency” helps you set realistic personal goals for reducing your home energy consumption. The methods for making homes more energy efficient will also improve comfort, safety, durability, and resale value. You are guided through the process of assessing current energy usage and predicting the benefits and estimating the costs of remodeling options. With projects ranging from simple fixes to large-scale renovations, this book offers solutions for the energy-conscious homeowner, regardless of your budget, technical ability, or time.
Ch 1: Developing a Plan for Your Home
Ch 2: Lighting and Appliances
Ch 4: Heating and Cooling First Steps
Ch 5: Landscaping
Ch 6: Finding and Sealing Air Leaks
Ch 7: Insulation
Ch 8: Windows and Doors
Ch 9: Cooling Systems
Ch 10: Heating Systems
Ch 11: Photovoltaic Systems
Ch 12: Moisture Management and Ventilation
Ch 13: Building a New Home