Saturn Weatherization Field Guide (first edition)



Step-by-step procedures to weatherize site-built homes, manufactured homes, and multifamily buildings, backed by 47 years of on-the-job experience. The experience comes from energy-conservation programs, funded by the Department of Energy, the Environmental Protection Agency, and utility companies. Backed by the author’s first-hand experience training workers. More than 200 experts, who specialize in insulation, air sealing, windows, HVAC, moisture management, and low-cost cooling contributed to this book.

The Saturn Weatherization Field Guide premiered in 1994 as a customized how-two book for energy specialists, working in large conservation programs in the US Pacific Northwest. This field guide then spread to weatherization programs in 30 different US States over the past 30 years. Each of those States contributed their procedures, specifications, and their local retrofit experience.

Experts debated every small detail of the field guide’s procedures. The States assembled review committees who examined every sentence, documented their suggested changes, and verified the changes based on State and local codes, standards, and policy.

Technical representatives from the Department of Energy also reviewed each of these State-customized field guides, to confirm compliance with DOE’s and EPA’s relevant scientific research. This first edition collects the best content of these many State-customized field guides.

Readability, navigation, and content

  • Expert-verified procedures, used by thousands of professional energy specialists.
  • Plain-English writing, fortified by abundant illustrations, charts, tables, appendices, and a comprehensive glossary.
  • The index and cross references help you quickly find specific instructions.
  • Theory-free content — only time-tested step-by-step procedures populate this field guide.