Residential Energy – 7th Edition (August, 2023) (Box of 5; $94 each)

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5-book case of our best selling book at a 15% discount – $94 each. The most comprehensive guidebook available about energy efficiency, comfort, health, safety, and durability for homes, apartments, and multifamily buildings. If you manage, weatherize, or renovate buildings, this book will guide you in planning priorities for building energy efficiency. Hundreds of colleges, vocational schools, and technical schools across North America use this guidebook. Residential Energy the essential reference manual for home energy raters, energy auditors, weatherization technicians, carpenters, HVAC specialists, insulation contractors, and renovators.

New in Residential Energy – 7th Edition!

The freshly edited text is lucid and coherent. The book’s 400 images are in vivid color and ensure it’s an essential guide for energy retrofit. The table of contents, cross-references, and index allow quick navigation of the book’s 530 pages. The new size is 7” x 10” or 180 x 250 mm. New information includes:

  • expanded building-science basics
  • advanced heat pumps
  • low-cost cooling
  • ventilation, air filters, and dehumidification
  • masonry-building insulation
  • multifamily energy-efficiency topics
  • HVAC efficiency, safety, and comfort
  • essential repairs
  • advanced insulation methods and materials

Residential Energy 7th edition contains a comprehensive collection of information you won’t find anywhere else.

Residential Energy: Known as the Building-Science Bible

Experts consider Residential Energy the Bible for building performance. Since 1992 we’ve sold more than 110,000 copies. Between now and then, Saturn Resource Management developed the reputation as the leading plain-language book publisher of building-science-based information about energy conservation for buildings. Our most common complaint about Residential Energy is that if you lend it, you may not get it back.

Author Bio

John Krigger is the founder of Saturn Resource Management, and a nationally recognized expert in the field of energy conservation for buildings. For over 35 years, he has and authored publications, developed training curricula, and presented seminars on energy-efficiency, maintenance, durability, health, and safety for buildings. John has extensive experience researching and developing energy publications for energy auditors, energy raters, technicians, government technologists, industry representatives, and the general public. He does consulting work for national laboratories, state governments, utility companies, and other energy organizations. Besides an author, John is also a technical illustrator, photographer, videographer, and desktop publisher. John combines years of hands-on energy-service experience with solid academic knowledge. He is the author of 10 books on energy efficiency and approximately 40 shorter publications. His publication, Residential Energy: Cost Savings and Comfort for Existing Buildings is a training manual and textbook used by energy-training centers, vocational schools, and colleges throughout North America. Need more than 1?

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