Consumer Guide to Home Health


by John Krigger


Each year thousands of unnecessary visits are made to emergency rooms. Saturn is working with hospitals, weatherization agencies, public health agencies, housing agencies, and others to reverse this trend and to prevent home-related illnesses and injuries. This will save our healthcare systems billions of dollars per year. 

The Consumer Guide to Home Health is a highly useful and readable reference on health and safety in homes. It presents explanations, descriptions of problems, and practical solutions. The Consumer Guide to Home Health presents statistics on what home hazards are likely to sicken or injure residents. It also provides solutions to preventable conditions, such as asthma and carbon monoxide poisoning, caused by hazards in the home. 

Agencies will also benefit from a triplicate checklist provided in the guide. The checklist can be signed by the educator and the resident. A copy can be presented to the resident as a reminder, and another copy can be retained by your agency as proof of consistent resident education.


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