Curriculum Development

Saturn develops online lessons about energy efficiency for buildings. The lessons, available online any time, have embedded quizzes that measure student performance and record it automatically. We also license these lessons.

Saturn can include an online testing center in the LMS with 15 50-question multiple-choice tests and 15 job-test protocols for evaluating skills in a lab or on the job. Saturn also offers self-certification through “Badges”, which are digital credentials.

The benefits of this online education and certification system include these.

  • Students, employees, and contractors consider continuing education (CE) an important benefit. 
  • Most of the proposed education and student evaluation occurs automatically. The administrator or employer views the records in the LMS to evaluate each student's educational progress.
  • Knowledge increases in the workforce with minimum effort. Trainers use their valuable time to answer questions, conduct hands-on seminars, and administer job tests. 
  • This educational system cultivates expertise among students, employees, and job seekers.