Industry Standards

Saturn harmonizes standards

Saturn takes a major interest in industry standards, which we interpret, illustrate, and harmonize to support various energy programs. We've customized our books and curricula to match regional building codes, energy codes, and standards issued by the following organizations.

Our mission, at Saturn, is to interpret standards and harmonize them to provide the best guidence for our customers. Where there are no standards, we create them with the help of our industry's best technical experts.

Continuous improvement: documents and curriculua

We use logical outlines to organize information. We employ Adobe Framemaker to create sophisticated print and electronic documents. Our standards documents are "living documents." We can access and change documents we published 25 years ago.

In an LMS, we use a review forum to collect review comments. From the review comments, we make changes in the master lessons and re-export the lessons to our SCORM server. The new lesson replaces the old lesson in the customers LMS without the customer having to do anything.

With publications, we post a comment enabled PDF on our review server. Reviewers strike text, add text, and make comments using Adobe Reader, which is installed on all computers. We make the changes in the master document, export the document as web help, replace the existing document, and post a new review PDF to collect additional comments and changes.

We simplify and clarify

Industry organizations tend to write in obsolete "standards language", which is difficult to read and understand. We simplify standards and rewrite them in Plain English

Confusion and misunderstanding are expensive and unnecessary. We promote Plain English as a writing style to reduce the confusion and misunderstanding, caused by obscurely written standards.