Mobile Home Cooling

Awnings, sunscreens, trellises, and shade trees are some of the ways homeowners block solar heat in summer.

The keys to reducing air conditioning costs in mobile homes are to shade the windows and either shade the roof or coat it with a reflective coating. Solar screens and window films are good immediate solutions to window shading. However, it’s ideal to stop the sun before it even gets near the home. Check the following links for more information on window shading.

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If you live in a humid climate, moisture can increase your cooling costs because your air conditioner must take moisture out of the air to produce acceptable comfort. In mobile homes, the moisture comes from two main sources. The first source is moisture migration from the ground. Every mobile home should have a plastic ground-moisture barrier. The second source of moisture is air leakage, so sealing air leaks will also reduce air-conditioning costs. Check the following links for more information on moisture control.

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