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(0.5 CEU) Welcome to the Federal Statutes, Regulations, and Grant Guidance training. At the Weatherization Assistance Program, we are committed to improving the energy efficiency, health, safety, and comfort of our clients, while adhering to applicable laws and regulations. Each of us shares the responsibility of meeting these requirements. Maintaining compliance is an important part of everyone’s role.
In this module, we’ll distinguish between the statutes, regulations, and guidance that govern our operations.

Welcome to the “House as a System Training.” In this module, we’ll explore how the systems and occupants of a house interact. Specifically, we’ll equip you with information that will help you both answer clients’ questions and clearly explain why certain energy conservation measures are installed.
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Course Objectives

By the time you have completed this course, you will be able to:

  • Distinguish between the three levels governing WAP operations
  • Define hard stops or aspects of the program that cannot change
  • You should also be able to:
  • Locate resources to find more detailed information about current statutes, regulations, and grant guidance