Installing Liquid Foam (Micro Course)

(0.3 CEU; 15 minutes) A factory-trained expert shows you how to install one-part and two-part foam as insulation and air sealing on new or existing buildings. Don’t forget your reading assignments that you’ll find under the Materials tab.
Door Selection and Installation (Mini Course)

Window and Door Installation (Mini Course)

(2.0 CEUs) Good window and door installers pay attention to details that prevent water and air infiltration. This lesson presents high-performance window and door installation techniques. You’ll learn the following window-and-door installation essentials. Window frame...
Door Selection and Installation (Mini Course)

Professional Insulation Equipment (Mini Course)

(1.5 CEUs) Insulation installers need a lot of special equipment to install insulation correctly. This lesson covers the most important tools and methods insulators need to install insulation the right way. You’ll learn about the blowing machines, hoses, power tools,...

Attic Insulation Methods (Short Course)

(4.0 CEUs) Attics are usually the most important building assembly to insulate correctly. Attic insulation saves energy in both the heating season and cooling season. Find your reading assignment under the Materials tab. A short quiz will evaluate your retention of...