Understanding Summer Heat Gain (Micro Course)

(0.5 CEU; 30 minutes) This 10-minute video breaks down the components of summer heat gain’s including solar gains, air leakage, internal gains, and heat transmission. Understanding how our environment heats our buildings during the summer is essential to creating good...

Stopping Heat Gain (Mini Course)

(2.0 CEUs) In climates with cooling needs, the most effective cooling strategy stops heat before it enters the building. This lesson describes how heat enters buildings and the best strategies to stop heat gain. You’ll learn to limit heat gain in buildings, including:...
Heat Loss and Gain (Mini Course)

Heat Loss and Gain (Mini Course)

(2.0 CEUs) People need space conditioning systems because the outdoor temperature is different than the temperature that people prefer indoors. This lesson explains basics of how buildings gain and lose heat according to the season.