Electricity, Energy, and Power (Micro Course)

(0.5 CEUs; 25 minutes) Even though we depend on electricity for so many essential functions of our civilization, our understanding of electricity tends to be incomplete. This course is a good place to improve your understanding of electricity and how it relates to...

Home Energy-Use Outline (Micro Course)

(0.3 CEU; 20 minutes) This 7-minute video outlines main energy-use categories for seasonal heating and cooling energy and the important baseload energy consumers. Find your reading assignment under the Materials tab. Together, the two should help you realize the...

Building Science Basics (Short Course)

(8.0 CEUs) This building science topic will help you develop a deep understanding of how buildings work. Building science also prevents you from believing myths that you’ll here often in your work.

Energy Calculations (Mini Course)

(2.0 CEUs) This lesson gives you a selection of examples of how we use math to make decisions during an energy audit. You probably depend on software to do the calculations, but you benefit from knowing how to do the calculations by hand. And, you may see energy-math...
Electric Power and Energy (Mini Course)

Electric Power and Energy (Mini Course)

(1.5 CEUS) Electricity has become an essential for our civilization. You need to know a little about electricity, how it creates heat, how it operates and controls devices, and how we generate it.