Web-Help Documents

What is Web-Help?

Web-help is the familiar format that you see when you click on Help? in a software program. Web-help can make any smart phone into an encyclopedia of what a professional needs to do her job. We can add training videos and other electronic files to the web-help document.

Our web-help documents use responsive web design, meaning that they display differently on computers, tablets, and smart phones. The three formats are shown here. Notice the difference in the location and screen space occupied by the navigation, which includes: table of contents, index, glossary, and search field.
Saturn exports documents into print, PDF and web-help from the same source document. Some people still prefer print, and PDF is also a useful format. However, Web-help is the champion for just-in-time information. Enter a keyword into the search field of a 1000-page document and pick from several entries to see the exact information you seek in just seconds.
Saturn owns a massive quantity of content on building energy-efficiency. You don’t pay to develop this content. You just license its use. For new material, Saturn shares the development cost with one or more customers. When you license a Saturn Web-help document, Saturn developed most or all of the content with our money and other people’s money, not yours.
We have 20 years of document customization experience. Let’s cooperate to create a custom web-help document for your organization.

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