Writing & Publishing

Our Publishing Mission

We achieve high reader comprehension and reading speed through careful outlining, clear and simple writing, as well as attention to details. We write in technical English as defined in the Federal Plain Language Guidelines, Simplified Technical English (ASD-STE100), and our Saturn Style Guide. Our abundant illustrations make our publications the most useful and friendly you’ll see among technical publications.

We publish documents in print, PDF, eBook, and HTML web-help formats.

Custom Publications for Energy Efficiency in Buildings

We specialize in producing publications about energy conservation and energy efficiency for buildings.

  • Consumer Guidebooks: Guidebooks to advise consumers about energy conservation purchases and program rules.
  • Procedures: Step-by-step instructions about how to implement energy efficiency.
  • Specifications and Standards: Illustrated technical rules for the application of energy programs.
  • Energy Policy: Administrative rules on program operation.

Weatherization Field Guides for U.S. Department of Energy

Saturn collaborated with the DOE regional offices and committees of State weatherization programs to develop installation standards for weatherization programs in four DOE regions. These projects included setting standards, documenting step-by-step procedures, and checking procedures against applicable building and mechanical codes. Saturn staff performed writing, editing, layout and final production of the Weatherization Field Guides in printed and digital formats. 1997 – 2015

  • Weatherization Guidebook for the DOE Regions
  • DOE Weatherization Field Guide for 40 State Weatherization Programs
  • Weatherization Field Guides aligned with the DOE’s new Standardized Work Specifications (SWS)

Call or email us if you want to customize Saturn publications to fit your energy program or if you want to create a new publication.