Learning Management

Learning Management System (LMS)

Saturn established its own online school in 2007, called Saturn Online. We’ve continued to expand Saturn Online to include around 24 courses and 160 continuing education units (CEUs) or hours of online study. Saturn also installs LMSs like ours, for colleges, training centers, industry organizations, and corporations.

An LMS is an online learning platform that has these benefits for training organizations.

  1. The LMS allows the students to gain knowledge at home or at work during, what might normally be, marginally productive time.
  2. Trainers use the LMS to pre-train students in advance of more expensive lab and field training.
  3. The LMS enforces an organization-wide standardization through heavily reviewed and edited lessons.
  4. The LMS manages student records for both e-learning and in-person training.
  5. The LMS extends the reach of your training center to students who are traveling or who live in remote areas.
  6. The LMS provides a learning platform for certification-test preparation, including practice tests.


An LMS is an online application that a company or school can use to handle various funcions like student enrollment, grade and completion tracking, and learning-content management. Saturn uses one of the world’s most popular open-source LMSs. We brand the LMS with your organizational identity. The LMS can be linked to your primary web site to provide a seamless experience for your users.

We teach you how to manage courses and students. Your authorized administrators use the LMS to monitor enrollment and student performance. A student’s individual record contains all his or her course records. We can also handle some of the LMS administration if you prefer not to do that.