Job Tests

Saturn’s Job-Test Protocols

Saturn developed job-test protocols while working with the Colorado Weatherization Program. A number of training centers have also used these job-test protocols successfully. The idea is to bring a measure of control and structured evaluation into the learning environment of a lab or job site. A mentor, test proctor, or LMS administrator records the job-test scores manually into the LMS. 

Job-Test Protocol List

Attic Insulation
Blower Door Testing
Duct Air Leakage Testing
Furnace Performance
Hydronic Systems Identification
Dense-Pack Wall Insulation
Wrapping Water Heaters
Zone Pressure Diagnostics
Pressure Pan Testing
Exhaust Fan Flow Testing
ASHRAE 62.2 Compliance
Boiler Equipment and Function Identification
Combustion Safety Testing: Naturally Drafting
Building Electrical System Identification
Forced-Air Static Pressure Testing