Training Projects

Saturn’s Training Mission: A Blend of Training Methods

We advise our clients to combine traditional classroom and hands-on training with online learning from Saturn Online or by purchasing our  SCORM courses from our website to install on their learning management system (LMS). We can help our customers maximize the benefits of training and minimize its cost by delivering Train-the-Trainer seminars that expand and optimize their own training resources. Our training expertise comes from years of online, classroom, lab, and field training for diverse customers in 45 States.

Steps to Effective Training

When students’ knowledge varies widely, instructors and students alike feel frustrated. The instructor moves too quickly for some students and not quickly enough for others.The idea of pre-training with online learning is to feed the classroom, lab, and field training with students who have a consistently high level of knowledge. The instructors can move quickly into interactive, tactile, and job-task learning after the online learning.

We help customers maximize the cost effectiveness of training using these steps.

  1. Educate students online to provide the necessary knowledge for the job or certification.
  2. After online study, engage students in the classroom with discussion, exercises, and demonstrations.
  3. Reduce class size for lab exercises and work for consistency of student experience in the lab.
  4. Reduce class size again for on-the-job training. Demonstrate techniques, and evaluate students doing job tasks.

As a student moves from online learning to classroom, lab, and field instruction the price per student-hour or continuing-education unit (CEU) increases.

Student Evaluation and Testing

Curriculum customers can evaluate students before they enroll, during the training, and after training to evaluate the training. We currently have 10 multiple-choice tests to evaluate students and provide practice for certification exams.

Training Experience

Listed below are some examples of our training experience.

Training our Curriculum Customers as Trainers

We bring curriculum buyers here to Helena Montana for training on topics that they will teach. The goal of Saturn’s blended learning is to optimize classroom, lab, and field training at the customer’s college or training center. In our train-the-trainer seminars, the trainers do much of the presenting. They prepare short topics and we evaluate them in real time, calling time-outs as necessary to evaluate their presentation.

Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E)

John Krigger has spent hundreds of days training technicians, architects, engineers, and utility customer representatives at PG&E’s Energy Training Center in Stockton, California and the Pacific Energy Center in San Francisco.

KEMA/Xenergy Energy Auditors

John Krigger has trained energy auditors for the Helena Branch of this international energy consultancy since 1995. KEMA energy auditors do all residential energy audits for Northwestern Energy’s residential energy-efficiency program in the State of Montana.

Department of Energy – Weatherization Assistance Program

We provided standardized curriculum to 25 state weatherization programs through purchases of our Comprehensive Home Energy Curriculum (CHEC). We converted this curriculum first to Adobe Flash for online presentation and just recently to HTML5, which is the latest functional and versatile format for online learning.

John Krigger has conducted dozens of hands-on mobile-home weatherization seminars for weatherization programs throughout the United States 1988 through 2008.

State Weatherization Programs

John Krigger has performed field training for weatherization technicians on topics ranging from insulation techniques, HVAC service, blower-door testing, air-leakage reduction, duct testing and sealing, and mobile home weatherization.

Contacts us for more information on specialized training opportunities.