Customize Our Weatherization Field Guide

Since 1997 Saturn Resource Management has published Field Guides for DOE regional offices, State WAP organizations, utility companies, and non-profit corporations. Between 2010 to 2013, the DOE developed the Standard Work Specifications for Single Family Homes, and Saturn participated in the SWS development. DOE draft guidance now calls for State WAP organizations to provide the DOE with proof that their State’s best practices comply with the DOE SWS standards before PY’14. 

Saturn has collected the best State and regional weatherization standards and procedures in our current Master Field Guide. Saturn has aligned the content of our Master Weatherization Field Guide with the SWS. Saturn provides the Field Guide in printed form and in HTML web-help. The web-help field guide contains links within its content to the corresponding detail in the SWS online version. The web-help field guide contains a hypertext table of contents, index, and search function for lightning fast reference from smart phones and tablets in the field.  

Saturn’s SWS Field Guide aligns with the following standards.
  • The best technical standards of State Weatherization Programs throughout the U.S.
  • DOE Standard Work Specifications for Single Family Homes, Multifamily Buildings, and Manufactured Homes
  • International Residential Code 2012
  • International Energy Conservation Code 2012
  • ASHRAE 62.2 – 2013
  • National Fuel Gas Code 2009

The Master Field Guide contains content for many different regions and building types. During customization, Saturn removes unnecessary content and adds content that is specific to the customer’s energy program.

We insert training videos in our web-help field guides for just-in-time training on the job.

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