Consumer Publications

Customize these consumer publications for your audience

We can customize any of these consumer publications for your audience as a utility company, State Energy Office, or non-profit. 

The Homeowners Guide to Building Performance is our award-winning consumer booklet that shows the easiest ways to save energy in the home. This booklet doesn’t try to list all possible energy ideas and methods, but instead focuses on the most reliable and effective energy-saving ideas. This booklet also provides solid advice for homeowners who plan to design and build a new home.

The Homeowner’s Handbook to Energy Efficiency helps homeowners of all types set realistic goals for reducing home energy consumption. Plus, once these goals are set this book gives you the knowledge on how to implement those goals. Our most comprehensive consumer guide at 224 pages and 150 illustrations.

The Saturn Field Guide to Photovoltaic Systems provides a general introduction to the photovoltaic technology used on today’s residential and light commercial buildings. This booklet provides advice to help homeowners and business owners decide about the feasibility of installing a photovoltaic system on their buildings.

The Consumer Guide to Home Health is a highly useful and readable booklet on health and safety in homes. Home health evaluators also benefit from a triplicate checklist provided in the guide. 

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