Customized Saturn Publications to Fit Your Energy Program

Since 1997 Saturn Resource Management has published customized field guides and other documents for DOE regional offices, State WAP organizations, utility companies, and non-profit corporations. Saturn has collected the best State, regional, and utility weatherization standards. 

Saturn provides field guides in print, PDF, and and HTML web-help. The electronic formats contain links to the online information and training videos. We write these field guides in Plain English so that they are easy to read. These field guides are abundantly illustrated and easy to navigate using hyperlinks. 

We customize our existing publications, add local content, and republish them. We can also rescue, edit, and illustrate your documents. Let us combine our publishing skills with your ideas to produce the right information package for your employees or customers. We provide whatever graphic design and art you require or send us yours.

Examples of our publications we've customized

Our Energy Auditor Field Guide and Hydronic Systems Field Guide have been customized to fit approximately 50 state and utility energy programs.

The Homeowners Guide to Building Performance has been customized for several energy programs.

We have recently split Residential Energy: Cost Savings and Comfort for Existing Buildings into handouts for PG&E’s staff training programs. Illinois Power has its own version of Residential Energy.

The Field Guide to Photovoltaic Systems provides advice to help homeowners and business owners decide about the feasibility of installing a photovoltaic system on their buildings. The Guide was created for Northwestern Energy and has also been made into a Saturn house version.

Contact us for information on customized publications.