Tests and Exams

Tests and Exams

The learning management system or LMS stores student performance on lessons, quizzes, and tests. An LMS administrator can look at student records and evaluate the student and certify some level of learning.

Saturn’s Multiple-Choice Tests

Saturn has been writing tests on a variety of energy-efficiency topics for more than 25 years. We have 15 multiple-choice tests available for licensing and use online.  The exams can provide the following functions.

  • Preparation for certification exams (BPI, RESNET, DOE).
  • Final exams for courses or groups of courses (e-learning or in-person training).
  • HR-administered exams for hiring or employee evaluation.

Saturn’s tests help evaluate student knowledge and understanding. The tests are also useful for practice tests in preparation for certification exams. We strive to make our tests challenging but fair.

  • We write multiple-choice questions in a clear and conventional way.
  • Each question has one correct answer with 3 clearly incorrect distractors.
  • The answers to all questions are contained in our curricula.
  • We consider feedback from test takers on how to improve the test.
  • The LMS provides useful information about the effectiveness of the test (bell curve) as well as the effectiveness of its individual questions.
  • The LMS administrator gives test-takers one or more attempts, and the administrator can reset any test for any individual.
  • No two test-takers see the exact same multiple-choice test because both the test questions and their answers are scrambled.

Saturn’s On-the-Job Tests

Saturn created job-test protocols for client and for our own on-the-job testing of trainees. They exist as fillable forms that facilitate grading, which the proctor can record in an LMS.

Multiple-Choice Test List

Commonsense Technical Literacy
Basic Math Literacy
Building Science Knowledge
Residential Energy Auditing Knowledge
HERS Rating Knowledge
Building Envelope Knowledge
Commercial & Multifamily Energy Literacy
Combustion Safety & Efficiency Knowledge
Blower Door and Duct Testing Knowledge
Energy Math and Measurement
Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Knowledge
Hydronic and Steam Heating Knowledge
Electric Lighting Knowledge
Worker Health and Safety Literacy

On-the-Job Tests

Attic Insulation
Blower Door Testing
Duct Air Leakage Testing
Furnace Performance
Hydronic Systems Identification
Dense-Pack Wall Insulation
Wrapping Water Heaters
Zone Pressure Diagnostics
Pressure Pan Testing
Exhaust Fan Flow Testing
ASHRAE 62.2 Compliance
Boiler Equipment and Function Identification
Combustion Safety Testing: Naturally Drafting
Building Electrical System Identification
Forced-Air Static Pressure Testing