Online Lessons exported to SCORM

Saturn creates online lessons that mix media such as slides, slide narrations, videos, illustrated text, exercises, and quizzes. Our e-learning lessons contain between 15 and 25 slides. Each is narrated with between one minute and three minutes of scripted narration. A lesson also usually contains a couple of short videos and a multiple-choice quiz. The average lesson requires 1.7 hours of student effort.  

We export these lessons into SCORM, the world’s most used technical standard for online-learning. The SCORM lesson reports student-performance factors to the learning management system (LMS). These student performance factors include access to the lessons, quiz scores, the time spent, and course completion. The LMS records this information in the student’s record. 

Saturn creates online courses in SCORM 1.2. SCORM is a specification of the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative from the Office of the United States Secretary of Defense. SCORM means “Sharable Content Object Reference Model.”

Our courses have a dual purpose

Saturn’s online lessons, along with courses which combine lessons together, are different from typical online offerings because they allow the students to study online any time while also allowing the classroom instructor to use the lessons for classroom presentation. The student plays a slide’s narration and experiences a engaging features on a slide. An instructor doesn’t want the narration or engaging features. The instructor can navigate through the online course like a Power-Point slide show, adding his or her own narration. 

The student's experience

Other features of our lessons include the following.

  • Students must advance sequentially through the lessons' slides.
  • Students return to their last view when they resume studying after a break even if they use a different device (tablet, phone, computer).
  • Short videos (<15 minutes) show job procedures or feature an instructor teaching at a white board or plasma screen.
  • Students may play, replay, interrupt, or advance a lesson’s audio and video.
  • Students solve problems embedded in the SCORM course.
  • The online course administers self-grading quizzes using a variety of question types.

Editing the courses

Our online lessons, like our publications, are editable living documents. We can edit online courses, replace the old version on our server, and provide the revised online course instantly.