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Current Lesson List

Our e-learning lessons contain between 15 and 25 slides. Each is narrated with between one minute and three minutes of scripted narration. A lesson also usually contains a couple of short videos and a multiple-choice quiz. The average lesson requires 1.7 hours of student effort. The lesson recognizes the student and reports his or her lesson score to the LMS. Here is a list of our current lessons in a table.

A/C & Heat Pump Equipment ID

Air Barrier Basics

Air Pressure and Flow

Analyzing Consumption

ASHRAE 62-2 Ventilation Standard

Attic Insulation

Attic Insulation Preparation

Basic Mechanical Ventilation

Blower Door Test Preparation

Blower Door Testing

Blower Door Testing Manometers

Blower Door Theory

Building Energy Design Strategies

Building Energy Metrics

Building Energy Retrofit Strategies

Bulk Water Management

Business Operations

Combustion Efficiency

Combustion Safety

Combustion Safety Testing

Combustion Venting Systems

Construction Basics

Cooling Principles

Cooling With Ventilation

Crawl Space Issues

Customer Service

Deep Energy Retrofit Envelope

Deep Energy Retrofit Planning

Densepack Wall Insulation Retrofit

Door Selection

Duct Air Sealing

Duct Blower Testing

Duct Blower Theory

Duct Energy Efficiency

Duct Insulation

Electric Power and Energy

Energy Auditing

Energy Calculations

Energy Efficient Windows

Evaluating HVAC Airflow

Fibrous Insulation

Finding Major Air Leaks

Foam Board Insulation

Foam Insulation

Gas Combustion Basics

Gas Combustion Heating Overview

Gas Furnace Efficiency Strategy

Gas Heating Systems ID


Handout – Attic-Roof Insulation and Air Sealing

Handout – Blower Door Testing

Handout – Building as a System

Heat Loss and Gain

Heating and Cooling Introduction

High Performance Floors Foundations

High Performance Roofs

High Performance Windows

Human Comfort

HVAC Efficiency Choices

HVAC Refrigeration

HVAC Retro-Commissioning

HVAC Retrofit & Replacement Efficiency Choices

Identifying Gas Furnaces

Improving HVAC Airflow

Indoor Air Pollutants

Insulation Introduction

Insulation Performance Factors

Insulation Test Results

Lighting Introduction

Low Energy Cooling

Math Operations

Moisture Management

Moisture Theory

Preparing for Retrofit Attic Insulation

Pressure Pan Duct Testing

Professional Insulation Equipment

Reducing Baseload Cost


Residential Refrigerators

Roof and Attic Ventilation

Sales Skills for Contractors

Simple Zone Pressure Diagnostics

Site Drainage for Buildings

Spray Foam Insulation

Stopping Heat Gain

Subspace Insulation Air Sealing

Superinsulated New Walls

Superinsulated Wall Retrofit

Superinsulated Walls

Temperature and Heat

Unventilated Roof Insulation

USA Climate Literacy

Ventilation Systems Overview

Wall Insulation Materials

Water Barriers and Flashing

Water Heater Basics

Whole Building Ventilation Systems

Window and Door Installation

Window Economics

Window Introduction

Window Performance Factors

Window Treatments