eLearning Benefits

Benefits of eLearning

Continuing education can be disruptive, expensive and time-consuming. Many professionals travel to collect their continuing education units (CEUs) or to prepare for a certification exam. There is a better way to learn: Saturn's online training or eLearning. Here are some advantages of eLearning over traditional classroom instruction.

  • You study your lessons whenever you like on your computer, tablet or phone. 
  • You use marginally useful time to study and avoid the possible lost-opportunity cost of a scheduled seminar.
  • You stop when you want and return to your place in the lesson later, regardless of which of your devices you're using.
  • You don't need to travel, sleep in a motel, or eat in mediocre restaurants.
  • You don't have to listen to your instructor's jokes and personal stories.
  • You aren't tempted to eat awful seminar food.
  • You don't feel stupid because other students know more than you know.
  • You pay a fraction of what a college or technical school would charge for the same learning content.