Policy Assistance

Energy-Program Policy Assistance

Effective administrative and technical policies form the foundation of any effective energy program. First, decision-making tools must be simple and clear to insure that employees understand them. Next, you must establish measurable standards and monitor performance. Finally, policy must integrate with the technical procedures into a comprehensive strategy to deliver services. This strategy begins with the program’s mission and goals.

Our policy documents, field guides, curriculum, and certification tools form an integrated package for managing and operating an energy program.

State of Delaware

Saturn combined the best weatherization management policies from four States into an exemplary policy for the State of Delaware. The policy features effective policy elements that are simple, clear, and easy-to-follow. This policy is part of a handbook that also includes technical procedures. The policy is carefully cross-referenced to relevant technical procedures. Delivered in May 2005.

State of Colorado

John Krigger co-chaired meetings to revise policies for a government-and-utility-funded weatherization program. Saturn formulated new weatherization policy document from a real writing-by-committee process. We also created a certification policy to outline the structure, principles, and methods for certifying energy auditors, envelope technicians, HVAC technicians, and trainers. Delivered in 2004.

Pennsylvania Power and Light

Saturn helped revise and simplify policies for a long-established utility weatherization program. Policies link to technical procedures with cross references in a handbook we published for the program’s subcontractors. 

Home Performance with Energy Star®

We have produced specifications, training programs, certification policies, and installation procedures for home performance programs in Colorado, Oregon, and Wyoming. 

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