Knowledge Management

The Knowledge-Management (KM) Imperative

Much of an organization's essential knowledge exists in the brains of its employees. As baby-boomers retire, smart organizations are harvesting their knowledge for use now and in the future. Knowledge management (KM) is the science of harvesting and storing knowledge.

Saturn Resource Management is the leading knowledge manager for energy-efficiency in the U.S. However, we can  capture other types of technical knowledge too and store it in print documents, HTML web-help documents, and electronic curricula for presentation on a learning management system.

Much of the literature on KM is too theoretical for us. We've delivered practical KM products and services for decades. We've weathered the changes in communication software and the internet. Fortunately we now work in a mature non-proprietary KM platform with a guaranteed future.

We at Saturn can take your knowledge resource and package it to educate your current and future employees.

KM Services

Our KM package includes these communication methods.

  • Printed documents
  • Documents in web-help format for smart phones, tablets, and computers
  • Online courses that combine the these curriculum elements

    Is his replacement ready?

  1. Narrated slides
  2. Short videos
  3. Exercises
  4. Quizzes

KM isn't trial and error for Saturn. We have 30 years of KM experience, and we take our KM mission seriously. Let's build KM into your organization before valuable knowledge disappears.

We can manage your knowledge or teach you how to manage it yourself. Knowledge is power!