KM’s History

Knowledge management has a long history, including apprenticeship programs, discussion forums, corporate libraries, professional training, mentoring programs, and now data bases designed to manage knowledge. Computers and software have enhanced our ability to manage knowledge. The financial services industry was the earliest adopter of computer-based KM. Academics adopted KM as a research topic and course topic around the turn of the millenium.

Knowledge Collection

Much of an organization’s essential knowledge exists in the brains of its employees. As baby-boomers retire, smart organizations are harvesting their knowledge for use now and in the future. Knowledge management (KM) is now a maturing science of harvesting, storing, and re-using knowledge. As an enterprise, KM can return an organization’s investment at a very high rate depending on the organization’s dependence on knowledge. The passing of the baby-boomer generation makes KM more urgent and more important than ever before.

Saturn’s Two Areas of Expertise

Saturn Resource Management manages knowledge for building-energy-efficiency enterprise in the U.S. since 1987,  However, Saturn can  capture other types of technical knowledge too and store it in print documents, HTML web-help documents, and electronic curricula for presentation on a learning management system (LMS). KM has become Saturn’s second content expertise, and we’re looking for just a few good customers, among medium-sized businesses.

Understanding and Delivering KM

Much of the literature on KM is too theoretical for us here at Saturn. We’ve delivered practical KM products and services for decades. We’ve weathered the changes in computers, software, and the internet. Fortunately we now work in a mature non-proprietary KM platform with a guaranteed future.

No Proprietary Black BoxAItemplate

If I were a potential KM customer, here are some specs I would want.

  • An exit strategy from Saturn: You manage your own system.
  • No expensive proprietary KM solution that could some day go bust.
  • Internet delivery optimized to tablets and phones.
  • Open-source eLearning with online courses specific to your needs.

We can manage your knowledge and teach you how to manage it yourself. Learn more about KM.