News promoting investment in a mobile home as a legitimate energy and money saving strategy is the focus of my blog post today.  With no further ado, I recommend reading these great articles on the topic.


Study: Energy-Efficient Manufactured Homes Generate Economic Stability

According to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), green mobile homes can save Americans $4.6 billion in energy expenses during the next 20 years.  A new study entitled “Mobilizing Energy Efficiency in the Manufactured Housing Sector”, published recently by the ACEEE, discusses the economic benefits of energy savings for 17 million Americans currently living in mobile homes across the United States.

Next I recommend a great article from Natural Home and Garden Magazine


Trailer Treasure: Green Mobile Homes: by By Carol Venolia

Ms. Venolia aptly states, “plenty of folks who walk their green talk aren’t in a position to bankroll a brand-new eco-home”. She suggests that you can own your own home (maybe even without borrowing money) by retrofitting a used mobile home.
 John Krigger, author of Your Mobile Home: Energy and Repair Guide for Manufactured Housing (Saturn Resource Management was interviewed for this article.  “I have a lot of respect for the way mobile homes use natural resources,” he adds. “They’re very lightweight, and they don’t require much in the way of materials.

Natural Home and Garden Magazine featured another article on one woman’s experience saving energy and money by owning a mobile home.

Living Mobile: One Woman’s Life in a Mobile Home: By Deena Wade

Ms. Wade’s mobile home was energy efficient and built for the cold winters of Colorado.  She was able to weather both the cold snow and the summer heat with an energy bill that ranged between $45 and $75 for her 1,280 square foot home.
Her almost new manufactured home had high vaulted ceilings, large and plentiful windows, spacious rooms, and she chose a lot with privacy situated on a corner next to open space and a creek.


You can find the articles recommended above and the study published by ACEEE at the following websites:

Study: Energy-Efficient Manufactured Homes Generate Economic Stability
Trailer Treasure: Green Mobile Homes

Living Mobile: One Woman’s Life in a Mobile Home