Human nature makes us adopt new and exciting ideas. The recent interest in all things green is an example. Energy conservation is the best way to make your home more environmentally responsible, or green, but how do you find a contracting company that is as green as its advertising represents?
The term Home Performance describes the bundling of energy benefits, improved comfort, and enhanced health and safety into a package of home improvements. If you want a large reduction in energy cost and environmental footprint, combine a planned renovation with the home performance. To reduce your energy costs by between 30 and 50 percent, you should be prepared to pay between 20 and 60 dollars per square foot of conditioned space in your home or commercial building, depending on its existing condition.

Find the Right Energy Contractor

In general, conventional contractors, who sell one or two main products or services, prefer to do the same procedures year after year. These aren’t the contractors you want to hire to make your home perform better. The contractor you want is a Home Performance Contractor with a commitment to saving energy, improving comfort, and enhancing health and safety.
Seek these characteristics in your Home Performance contractor.

  • Able to measure air leakage with a blower door
  • Dedicated to air-sealing and energy-efficient ventilation
  • Installs controlled ventilation systems
  • Provides dense-pack wall insulation
  • Provides window shading for homes with air conditioning
  • Provides energy-efficient heating-and-cooling service
  • Is certified by BPI (Building Performance Institute) or has a reputation as a competent Home Performance Contractor

Avoid these characteristics if you’re looking for integrated home performance.

  • Sells one main product like new windows or new heating and cooling systems
  • Provides no air-sealing or leak-testing services
  • Doesn’t specialize in energy conservation
  • Doesn’t offer controlled ventilation systems
  • Isn’t certified to do home performance work