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Affordable Comfort in Denver

ACI in Denver In two weeks, we at Saturn will attend the ACI Conference in Denver. Affordable Comfort or ACI is an exemplary conference that nurtures the energy-conservation-home-performance-weatherization community with opportunities for growth, learning and networking. I’ve attended most of these conferences over ACI’s  more than 30-year history. The conference is well planned and well-executed. …

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Bad Solutions to Our Energy Future – Nuclear, “clean coal” and carbon sequestration

Our perpetual energy debate finds corporate interests defending their government subsidies. Nuclear electricity, “clean coal”, and corn-based ethanol are failed technologies that we’d never consider if cost-benefit decision-making applied. The subsidies, fueled by millions of dollars in campaign contributions, are the only reason that these technologies haven’t died.

Questioning Worst-Case Combustion-Safety Testing

What new health-and-safety mandate will the home-energy community embrace next? We have worst-case combustion testing, the new lead regulations, the ASHRAE 62.2 ventilation standard, and new asbestos policies. Given the distraction from the energy-conservation mission and the high cost, I can’t help but wonder how these mandates relate to statistical risk and how effectively the prescribed testing and mitigation strategies reduce that …

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Solar Energy After Your Building is Efficient

Solar energy is the next best building-energy solution after energy conservation. Wind and photovoltaic electricity are competitive with coal-fired electricity and less expensive than nuclear electricity. However solar energy isn’t as powerful, or reliable, as electricity or natural gas. Therefore we should reduce our energy use as much as possible before implementing solar energy.

Multifamily Energy Efficiency

Saving energy in multifamily buildings is similar to saving energy in homes. The choices become different for multifamily housing as the building increases in size. The fact that one building is home to many people also becomes a factor in selecting energy conservation measures. For example, insulating walls is more difficult in multifamily buildings because you need access to every …

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