Time to Simplify Combustion Safety Testing by Jim Gill PE

I have followed all the discussions on LinkedIn, and your SRMI blog, on Questioning Combustion Safety Testing and Combustion Safety Testing and Risk Elimination. I am a civil engineer with many years’ experience managing commercial, institutional, and public infrastructure construction projects, and another number of years’ managing hazardous waste site-assessment and remediation projects.

Questioning Worst-Case Combustion-Safety Testing

What new health-and-safety mandate will the home-energy community embrace next? We have worst-case combustion testing, the new lead regulations, the ASHRAE 62.2 ventilation standard, and new asbestos policies. Given the distraction from the energy-conservation mission and the high cost, I can’t help but wonder how these mandates relate to statistical risk and how effectively the prescribed testing and mitigation strategies reduce that …

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