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(0.5 CEU) Welcome to – Managing Client Expectations. When a client has a complaint, it is generally because an expectation has not been met. And if staff members aren’t trained to properly address complaints, a client could become confused or angry. In this module, we’ll provide strategies for how staff can effectively manage client expectations and resolve challenging complaints. We will also discuss strategies for dealing with customer complaints effectively to reduce the possibility of repeat calls for the same complaint.
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Course Objectives

  • By the time you’ve completed this course, you should be able to:
  • Effectively address client complaints, and apply strategies for dealing with challenging clients
  • Determine when to escalate a client complaint to a more senior staff member. You will also be able to
  • Proactively educate clients in key areas to reduce confusion and potential complaints. And lastly, you will
  • Become familiar with the appeal process.