Program Evaluation

Program Evaluations

We occasionally work with weatherization programs to evaluate the delivery of state, federal, and utility-sponsored weatherization funds. We assist weatherization managers in smoothly integrating change into their programs, in order to meet federal requirements and improve energy savings.

Program evaluations

State of Louisiana

In 2003, we performed an extensive evaluation of the Louisiana weatherization program. The evaluation included both management and ground-level analysis. We surveyed weatherization providers about practices, procedures, and opinions. We visited 26 weatherization agencies, inspecting files and traveling to low-income homes to inspect weatherization work. We published a set of statewide standards. And we produced three reports that were became part of the planning process for simplifying the weatherization program, increasing its funding, and increasing its energy savings.

In 2008, we again returned to Louisiana to follow up on our recommendations and produce a new set of technical standards and monitoring instruments.

State of Wyoming

In 2001, the Wyoming Department of Family Services contracted with Saturn to perform a statewide evaluation of their low-income weatherization program. We monitored sub-grantees, analyzed program expenditures, and assisted in developing DOE-approved priority lists for weatherization measures. Saturn developed guidelines for successful implementation of expected budget increases. We've also performed field training for Wyoming's weatherization technicians over many years.

Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA)

In 1999 we performed an energy-code-compliance study that included 34 commercial buildings and 61 residential buildings. We reviewed the plans for each of these new buildings, performed field inspections, and interviewed the architects and engineers of each project. Our final report analyzed the energy impact of the conservation measures specified by state energy codes and evaluated compliance with these codes.